New release for StateMonitor

2018-11-09 0

The StateMonitor software brings greater transparency to your operational processes, helps optimize production sequences, and gives you a real-time view of your machines’ production status. With StateMonitor, you can maintain an overview at all times and react quickly to disruptions.

The new software release 1.2.2 now offers added and extended functions:

  • Create machine groups, such as for milling and turning, and assign jobs to them. You benefit from an easier overview of your various production areas.

  • Take advantage of the new time filter to call up repeated analyses of key metrics with greater ease and speed.

  • Evaluate your machine messages with a Pareto analysis, also known as the 80/20 rule. You gain immediate insight into which machine messages really cost time and money.

  • Enjoy even greater performance thanks to an upgrade from 32 bit to 64-bit technology in the new release.

  • Launch StateMonitor as a Windows service for smooth installation in your server landscape.

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